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How Mixed Reality can change your vision of 3D Measurements

Discover Metrolog X4 augmented reality inspection solution using the brand new X4 i-Holo product built on the Microsoft HoloLens device.

You may have been among the few VIPs to have a look at Metrologic latest immersive technology innovation introduced last week at Control in Stuttgart Germany, May 9 to 12, 2017. Then, you now understand about immersive inspection and which game changing technology the unique Metrologic visionary approach brings to 3D inspection. If not, here is your chance to learn more about the technical breakthrough that is bridging the world of digital mixed reality and real part measurements.

Using the latest X4 kernel developed by Metrologic Group and already integrated with over a hundred 3D measurement devices, it made sense for Metrologic to start providing more collaborative reporting tools to its wide installed base and a technology savvy market. In addition to the very comprehensive reports based on images, tables and fully interactive 3D viewer, allowing fast review of the parts measurements, Metrologic Group wanted to provide an easy-to-use and simple result viewing collaboration tool based on mixed reality. We have seen increasing demands from the market to assist customers in lining-up measurement results with real parts; therefore, we wanted to be the first to deliver this very innovative solution to the market.

Some projector-based reporting systems already allow you to project images of the deviations onto the real part, but it requires either a fixed installation or a complex tracking-based system, with the inconvenience of lengthy set-up times.

The advanced HoloLens technology, combined with the renowned expertise and innovative approach of Metrologic, has made possible the integration of mixed reality capabilities to the Metrolog X4 range of software. Metrologic X4 i-Holo allows to blend the measurement results, highlight high deviations and give instructions to the operator using live hologram representations directly over the real part, in front of the operator’s eyes; data is sent by Metrolog X4 to the HoloLens in real-time. This is not the future, it is now available!

Interactive human interface 

Combined with an interactive human interface, supporting gaze tracking, voice activation and self-repositioning, the X4 i-Holo snaps the computed results to the real part. This allows to quickly detect major defects on the part that has just been inspected and immediately plan for a collaborative manufacturing or engineering review of the real part and on location.

This premiere new product presentation at Control is already a success. Metrologic is now working on further functionalities, to start making 3D measurement immersive in all inspection sequences and phases:

• From planning/preparation (merge the inspection plan and the real art/tools to validate reachability using virtual probing and machine motion around the real part).

• To measurement live execution (with operator guidance and instructions projected live onto the part, in front of the operator’eyes, without having to worry about PC interactions).

• To complete with a full reporting (real-time analysis results display on the fly over the measured part, including gaze-tracking stickers display, color mapping and other readily available standard Metrolog X4 tools).

Innovation is part of our DNA 

“We see this new brick of technology as one of the most intrusive developments for the future years. At Metrologic, we aim at standardizing inspection processes, independently of the device or technology used and our goal is to facilitate day-to-day measurement operations anywhere in the plant for all our existing customers and 3D inspection users. Major industrial companies throughout the world have already adopted our unique solution as a robust industrial standard to modernize their 3D inspection equipment and improve their manufacturing processes. After 35 years of continuous and visionary R&D effort, we keep demonstrating that innovation is definitely part of our DNA” commented Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group, when introducing this new development.

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