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For over 35 years Metrologic has earned a solid reputation as the world leading 3D inspection software solution provider by consistently and fearlessly embracing what is the essence of its success: innovation, performance and results. Just check out our latest corporate video and see for yourself what drives Metrologic.

Innovation is in the DNA of Metrologic…

…supported by significant and growing commitment to R&D investment.

We are a trendsetter: no competitor can measure up to the breakthrough technologies developed by Metrologic. Overtime, we have created new solutions from universal CMM inspection, through point cloud acquisition and analysis including automation integration and robot inspection.

Metrologic strives to release the most reliable and operator-oriented solutions based on a strict continuous improvement development cycle.

Performance is when daring innovation meets the complexity of our customers’ needs.

As a key player in intelligent manufacturing, we take pride in developing the first universal 3D inspection solution capable to connect to over 90 different kinds of devices that can easily be integrated as part of the manufacturing 4.0 requirements. Our device independent solution includes but is not limited to: best in class GDT, DMIS capabilities, versatile and easy to use programming fulfilling reporting and GDT requirements cross industries and applications.

Results are what we focus on:

We are results driven: not only are we geared towards excellence in terms of how our solutions perform but we deliver the same pugnacity when partnering with our customers. We resourcefully assist them in achieving their best results, by serving from low-complexity level to most demanding applications and by reducing manufacturing costs through unparalleled 3D measurements: blue-chips end users with an install base from automotive, through aerospace as well as many other industries have trusted us with their inspection needs. Why wouldn’t you?

Discover Metrologic Group and our latest solution overview video and learn more about our unique vision.


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