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Metrolog Group invite you to CONTROL 2014

You are invited to Control 2014 - Stuttgart
The largest European exhibition for quality control


Dear 3D Measurement Expert,

Join-us on the most comprehensive Quality and 3D Inspection event held at the Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Metrologic Team is eager to welcome you on our booth 3314 in hall 03 from May 6th to 9th, 2014. We will again this year be featuring the latest innovation in 3D Inspection based on the renowed Metrolog software and its new X4 architecture. 

We will be showcasing this year:

  • A unique Touch & Scan Robot based inspection cell featuring the Metrolog  X4 i-Robot. This product is ready for inline measurements or standalone automated Robot cells.
  • The Large Scale and Point Cloud based inspection approach using several kind of 3D measuring devices.
  • The CMM upgrade and retrofit to optimize the productivity and efficiency of any of your 3D measurement needs.
  • A new concept to complex GD&T analysis and reporting to create automatically re-work instructions.

Overall, our Control 2014 Technical Workshop will be conducted by our experts to demonstrate our unique vision 
“Any DATA - Any Technology - Any application” providing you a standard inspection solution, adapted to all your measurement needs.

Order now your free entry pass for Control 2014 and arrange for a one-on-one meeting with our Team.

We are looking forward meeting you on our booth or feel free to contact us to plan for an onsite meeting.

The Metrologic Inspection Team

Metrologic Group at Control 2014
from 6 to 9 May 2014
D-70629 Stuttgart - Germany
Hall 3, Booth 3314

CONTROL Exhibition Website


Over the last 3 decades now, Metrologic has developed the renowed Metrolog software, the unique and universal 3D Inspection Software Platform.

Any DATA: Perfectly connected with its environment, Metrolog has a wide range of input / Output format available (All CAD converter / Specific features list files / Statistic/ Report template / Standard export format) for real time analysis, easy compare, storage and share of Measurements.

Any TECHNOLOGY: Best in interoperability Metrolog is the only software application compatible with all CMMs, Measuring arms, Laser Trackers, Portable optical systems and Robots Cells. No matter what brands and model types are your measuring systems, using Contact or Non-contact sensors, you can use unique software Metrolog.

Any APPLICATION: First in 3D Inspection. Widely used in across all industries, Metrolog capabilities have been progressively enhanced to measure any kind and any form parts (Sheet metal part, machines parts, gear, blade, large scale…) built on the same philosophy: ease of use and powerful analysis.

Learn more about Metrologic software range

  X4 i-Robot: The Robot Adaptive Measurement Integration TOUCH & SCAN X4 i-Robot solution


Metrolog standalone and online X4 i-Robot solution: The perfect combination of speed, flexibility and performance in Inspection: Only one system to drive the Robot systems and collect the data live from the measuring sensors.

The latest contact and laser scan sensors are now 
fully integrated together with Robots thanks to the latest version of Metrolog allowing a full and simple automatic inspection and automated extraction of any features for a simplified overall process.

Learn more about X4 i-Robot solution

  Metrolog X4 V2 Preview Metrolog X4 V2


The ultimate version of your 3D inspection software is becoming available for your Coordinate measuring machines. With its new 64-bit architecture, Metrolog handles more efficiently large Data files (Point cloud, and Cad format) and includes a ton of enhancements for your DCC CMM’s!

In addition, part program engines and GD&T Analysis module have been significantly improved to further facilitate the modifications and updates of your measurement programs. Our latest GD&T improvements present a new concept 
that improves analysis and results understanding.

Learn more about Metrolog X4


Coordinate measuring machines upgrades and retrofit Update your CMM with Metrologic solutions


Get a Timeless Coordinate Measuring Machine: Think retrofit!

The latest generation of Metrologic Hardware offers the best alternative to CMM replacement. Capable to handle 3, 4 or 5 axis machine, Metrologic Controllers have been designed to equip any kind of CMMs from small bridge type to large scale gantry style or multiple arm machines.

Thanks to a user friendly approach, to the integration of radio technology for keyboards and to an easy maintenance, Metrologic Hardware is now widely used by thousands of customers.

Metrologic Hardware is Multi-sensors capable and may be used directly in combination with 
touch trigger probes, scanning probes and of course all the latest Optical scanners…

Learn more about CMM retrofit solutions

  Large scale and point cloud measurements Metrologic software range

Metrolog X4 software is also used on mobile measuring devices such as Laser trackers, Articulated arms and portable optical devices for large scales Inspection parts. 

With the multi-connection abilities, several devices can be simultaneously connected with Metrolog to measure a single part.

Uncertainties of each measuring devices and temperature factors are taken into account during measuring for improved accuracy.

Point Cloud based inspection is also changing the way 3D measurements are being performed. Our seamless integration to all existing systems capable to acquire point cloud combined with high performances will allow you to manipulate easily extremely large point clouds. Very robust algorithms are also used to extract any features reliably with the highest ranking in repeatability based on customer’s feedback and experience.

Learn more about point cloud measurement

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