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Metrologic Group are pleased to announce the release of his latest DCC controller called ME5009.

The ME5009 has a totally new internal concept that will provide enhanced calculation time, machine speed and an overall smoother machine motion. It is also important to mention that it will even be easier to install and tune-up.

ME5009 main characteristics:

• TCP/IP connection to PC
• Very high rate point acquisition for high speed scanning (optical and analog probes)
• Built-in PH10 head controller
• Dedicated signals for optical laser probes
• 5 Servo-Controlled Axis (3 + 2)
• Increased speed, improved positioning, smoother overall machine motioning
• 3 extra signal inputs for Scanning Head (SP80) or Gantry style machine
• Scales having built-in end switches are supported
• Handling of Renishaw® PICS interface
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