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Points Cloud module

Full dimensional analysis module based on high density points cloud.

The availability of optical or laser based sensors (3D scanners) gives the opportunity to collect high densities of points with a good accuracy and therefore increase significantly the capabilities and performances of measuring instruments.

Metrologic Group has developed this new cloud of points module and has fully embedded and integrated it as part of the Metrolog software product line to further assist your always increasing measurement needs.

This points cloud analysis tool is offered today as a new optional module to all existing ad new Metrolog users. It gives the ability to collect and perform full analysis of cloud of points based data, coming either from external sources or from 3D scanners directly connected to Metrolog.This new function can be used in conjunction with portable equipment or more conventional manual or DCC laser based measuring systems.

The perfect and extensive integration of this analysis and data collection module in addition to the already available and renowned Metrolog functionalities, allow us to offer you today the most capable and versatile tool available on the market.

Metrologic Group has also developed a complete retrofit kit adaptable to any 3-D measuring machines and capable to integrate most of the existing optical sensors available on the market, letting you picking the best possible combination to upgrade your existing CMM with the latest available and best in class technology.

Functionalities Description

  • Real-time data collection from any optical sensor (3D scanners) based portable or full DCC measuring machines directly within Metrolog
  • Possibility to import points cloud data in Metrolog based on many available file formats for advanced analysis and reporting

  • Point Filtering
  • Removal of incoherent data points

  • Points cloud alignment to the CAD model
  • Automatic "best-fit" based alignment on all or a selection of points cloud data

  • Rapid and accurate cloud analysis using direct projection* onto the part CAD file.
    (*Projection is based on the polynomial model and not the facetized and approximated one)

  • Automatic or manual extraction of prismatic or free-form/surface based features

  • Manual or program based dimensional analysis and generation of graphical and detailed inspection report in several available formats
  • Print-out or export of the results in many available text or standard file formats
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