CMM Upgrade of CNC machine

Our CMM upgrade and 3D measuring software update solutions give a second life to your coordinate measuring machines. Full process is much secured and offers to customer a maximal warranty (CMM upgrade, 3D software update, CMM calibration).

On demands and if the customers face mechanical problem with the machine, our technician will make a technical expertise prior to CMM repair or CMM upgrade.
Metrologic controls and tests the different dynamic components of the machines. Any necessary CMM repairs or spare parts replacement to forecast are mentioned in a detailed report. No CMM repairs are made without prior customer’s agreement.

Anytime it is possible, before starting CMM upgrade, our technician checks the original accuracy of the machine together with the operator using existing 3D measuring software. Accuracy results are recorded as reference values. Then our technician replaces the CMM Controllers (in case hardware needs to be changed) and makes the necessary wiring adaptations.
A complete CMM tuning is done using new CMM hardware, followed by accuracy checking and CMM calibration. CMM can be adjusted mechanically and also by integrating 3D measuring software geometrical compensation.
Metrologic commitment is to improve original measured accuracy and CMM performances.

This CMM software update solution is already adopted by most of major actors in automotive and aerospace industries.

    Possible operations:
1 A- Replacing the original CNC.
2 B- Electric motors.
C- Drive systems.
3 D- Measurement scales.
E- Scale reader head.
4 F- Air feeding circuit and moving block.
5 G- Possibility to replace the original sensor head by a sensor or a high-performance optical sensor.
A- Digital CNC ME 5011 and its complete bay.
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