Manual CMM Upgrade

Our CMM Upgrade and 3D measuring software update solutions for Manual CMM give a second life to your manual device.

We provide a CMM solution based on our ME 3008 integrated Counting Box dedicated to manual CMM Upgrade.

Before starting the CMM Upgrade, our technician checks the original accuracy of the machine together with the operator, using the existing 3D measuring software (CMM programming software).
Accuracy results are recorded as reference values. Then technician installs the ME 3008 and make the necessary wiring adaptations.

A complete CMM tuning is done using new hardware, followed by accuracy checking and CMM calibration.
Machine can be adjusted mechanically and also by integrating geometrical CMM compensation and CMM calibration software.
Metrologic commitment is to improve original measured accuracy and CMM performances.

Learn more about the ME 3008 Manual CMM Upgrade Solution

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